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The Sphere of Silence
First published by Vijay Eswaran in 2005, The Sphere of Silence resonated with Entreprenuers accross asia. From there, its popularity spread across into the US and Europe, with an Audio book soon following
Vijay Eswaran
The practice shows the power of Quiet introspection.  The book's advice can be summed up: listen a lot; think before you speak; make to-do lists daily.

It devides the process into three paths; Duty, Knowledge, and Reflection. Duty looks at the goals and tasks you must work to acheive.  Knowledge focuses on self improvement and learning.  Reflection ensures the practicioner spends time on mindfulness.
With the Sphere of Silence reaching US audiences in 2007, itself published an article on the success of the Book and the practice it teaches.
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In the Sphere of Silence
In 2021, the Harvard Business Review published an article authored by The Sphere of Silence writer Vijay Eswaran, explaining the practice and its benefits for a new generation.
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